Apex Clinic was founded in 2001 and our commitment to individualized and integrated health care continues years later after seeing thousands of Oklahomans. We believe that when multiple specialties including medical doctors, chiropractors and other medical providers work together, our patients heal better, faster by receiving a more custom tailored treatment plan. At Apex Clinic, Medical Doctors (MD), our board certified Chiropractors (DC), Physical Medicine staff and Family Nurse Practitioners (FNP) create personalized wellness solutions that cross professions and integrate seamlessly into your health care plan. Our professional and courteous clinical staff will work together as a team to determine what the best course of care is for each individual patient.

Here at Apex Clinic, we believe that a healthy active family is a happier family. We believe in helping everyone to maintain optimum health and reaching their peak so they can live the life to its fullest potential. We use our training and knowledge to diagnose all problems, treating the source instead of covering up symptoms. It is our mission to meet or exceed your expectations with every visit.

Dr. Billy Buffington, MD
Veronica Stephen, APRN
Dr. Alvin Philipose, DC
Rachel Arthur, Case Manager